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About The Instructors

The Private Security and License To Carry (LTC) Courses feature insured and certified Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and National Rifle Association (NRA) Instructors specializing in safety, knowledge and private instruction.

Course Content

Course Description:

This Private Security and License To Carry "LTC" course is designed for classroom instruction and a range shooting proficiency demonstration. Material is provided in modules with an allotted amount of time for each module. 


You will need the following:

  • Texas ID Card or Texas Driver’s License

  • Handgun .32 or larger (Semi or Revolver)

  • 50 rounds of ammunition

  • Hearing and Eye protection

  • Pen & Paper


Note: Prices do not include licensing fees paid directly to the State of Texas. Cancellations must be received at least 48 hours prior to the start of your scheduled class in order to receive a full refund. Unfortunately, we cannot refund your class fee if you do not pass. Due to the obvious dangers present in this business, we reserve the right to refuse training or qualification to anyone for any reason.


Classroom Objective:

The overall objective of these courses is to educate students on the responsibilities and laws applicable to Private Security Commissions and License To Carry  holders.

  • Laws that relate to the use of weapons and deadly force

  • Handgun use and safety

  • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution

  • Proper storage practices for handguns


All of the information we teach can be found at the DPS Website.


Shooting and Proficiency Objective:

We take the shooting test at an indoor range. You must be able to safely handle and fire a handgun before taking the shooting test. The shooting test is not a beginner’s class. The DPS requires our instructors to monitor and score your proficiency test in order to make sure only qualified individuals who can safely and accurately handle a firearm obtain a Armed Private Security Commission or License To Carry.


An applicant must be able to demonstrate, at minimum, the degree of proficiency that is required to effectively operate a handgun of .32 caliber or above. The instructor shall, through observation and/or practical exercise, determine if the student is able to safely load, unload, and manipulate the safety features of his/her weapon during the demonstration period.


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